My visit:

(Q) I've been coming to your salon for a couple years now. I really would like to try some of the other stylists within the salon?  I'm I going to offend or upset my previous stylist?

(A)  Jim De's is different from any other experience you probably ever had.  We work as a family, never will there be any animosity between stylists or clients.  We understand that every ones preferences change, and would rather you stay with in our establishment.   We have a lot of different talents please feel free to bounce around within our salon.

My service:

(Q)  I just recently had my hair cut and colored at your salon. I feel  it needs a little more highlights.  Also, the hair cut is great, but would like it a bit shorter.   Can I come back for it to be fixed?What is your policy on adjustments?

(A)  Jim De's likes to error on the safe side.  So if your cut or color needs a little tweaking.  Please don't hesitate to call us. 
(1 to 5 days)  No charge, just cost of product used
(6 to 14 days) 50% OFF
(15 to 21 days) 25% OFF
After 21 days Full Price

(Q) Why does my hair always feel different when I leave the salon, and can't get the same results at home?

(A) Product & Tools: When your at the salon, we clarify all the old build up off hair, then apply the proper prescription of products & tools to your hair. Which will leave your hair healthy from the inside out.  Not just a shinny build up that store brands leave. (More information in the question about shampooing)

Booking Online:

(Q) When I try to make an appointment on line, I can't seem to find a time, it always tells me the stylist is booked.   Why is it my stylist doesn't have any time.

(A) Jim De's has software that is advanced for our industry.  When trying to make an appointment with your stylist the system only recognizes pre set times for services.  If  your service doesn't fit within the allotted times it will show as "stylist booked" no opening available.   If after several tries, please call and make your appointment over the phone.   Your stylist can make adjustments to their schedule to try and accommodate your needs.


(Q) Why is there so many different prices with in your salon?  Sometimes I pay more, other times I pay less. 

(A) Jim De believes it to be fare to charge for time as well as  stylists years of experience and education.
Junior stylists are in the early years of designing. They take longer, and your time should be compensated for that. So their price is usually 25% less.  
A master stylist, offers mastered techniques in hair design and color that has been learned over the years. Their cost is 10 to 15% lower than the areas average. 
 A master specialist has dedicated their career by taking advanced hands on educational classes  to master their field of expertise. There cost is along the areas average cost. 

When you visit various talents within the salon your going to be paying different prices. 

Retail Products:

(Q) When I visit your salon I notice so many different products on the self.  How do I know which is the best?

(A) Being a Redken Salon, we carry the entire line of Redken and Pureology.  Their system is like a prescription for your hair.
Each product is designed for a specific hair type.  So ask your stylist for your prescription on your next visit.  They will guide you in the right direction. 

(Q) Why is it necessary to shampoo twice? 

(A)  Sometimes!  
Redken & Pureology are concentrated products. When shampooing you are trying to allow the product of choice to do the job it is designed to do.  
Always use small amounts and emulsify in your hands then apply to your ends of hair, lather and work up hair towards the scalp.  If you don't get a good lather your shampoo is removing dirt and environmental elements from your hair. RINSE DO NOT APPLY MORE PRODUCT. Repeat a second time doing the same application of shampoo. This time you will get a great lather.  This is the shampoo breaking down and working into the cuticle and cortex of the hair. This is what you want.  Follow with conditioner to seal the cuticle and lower PH back to normal. 

(Q) I don't like to use conditioner cause it weights down my hair? 
What should I do?

(A) Stop using a product that does not work on your hair. If it is weighing your hair down it is the wrong product for you.  See your stylist for the right prescription. 

(Q) I can't afford professional product so I buy store brands. What is really the difference between the two?

(A) You really can't afford not to use professional products, in the long run it is cheaper.  Here is why!
(1) Store brands have fillers and wax in them to make them feel good.  Over continuous use, hair will start to get suffocated by the wax and build up.  Causing clogged pours, and even a waxing film on your scalp looking like dandruff. This wax impairs styling, coloring and over all health of the hair. Example, try to put a curling iron to a candle. Its going to melt the wax, Right?   So think about what the iron is doing to the hair with build up on it.
(2) Most everyone uses higher volume of product from the stores cause they try to get a lather one first shampoo. More product more money.  Professional product has no build up, wax or fillers. So you will use less. A typical bottle of Pureology will last four to six months.  Redken three to four months.  How often are you buying shampoo?


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